Scotland has its fair share of the scenic attractions as well as the enjoyable festivals to be seen and cherished. The two scenic views which are most famous are the Sgurr Fiona and the Corrag Bhuidhe. The first scenic byway i.e. the Sgurr Fiona is the highway that instead of a destination leads you to pure and serene beauty.

On the way, when you ascend it, there is the view of an awesome valley to be enjoyed. In case you want to appreciate the culture and the art of Scotland, the places to be visited are the Ben Nevis from Sgurr a’ Mhàim.

Outdoor activity and adventure with the family

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Make the most of Scotland and walk through the countryside. Take the whole family along and enjoy a breakaway in the UK. Don’t stress about the countryside making a mess of your clothes and belongings. Create your own walk.

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Alternative routes to explore Scotland’s nature reserves

Create your own family walk

Or if in a different route, there is an enlighten drive through the national park. This drive generally brings the tourists very close to nature. At the end of the tour, if want to go for shopping, there are always the distinctive stalls of the farmers in the market area.

If you enjoy this kind of holiday then why not enjoy it more often and come to Scotland for quick city breaks. Get in touch for more information.

Scotland and the spiritual

Sacred Scotland has many sacred sites connected by ley lines and legends. Are you hoping for a special tour of Rosslyn Chapel and an equally special tour of the Scottish Highlands and islands?  Rumour had it that this was the first home to spiritualists and clairvoyants in the 15th century.

Book your magical journey through Scotland to connect with the spiritual essence of the land. Other spiritual and religious must-sees in Scotland.

St Andrew’s Cathedral
Once the largest and most important church in Scotland, St Andrew’s Cathedral (1160-1318) now lies in picturesque ruins overlooking the North Sea. Its museum contains important medieval artifacts.
Iona Abbey
The Irish missionary St. Columba established a monastery on the island of Iona in 563 AD, from which Celtic Christianity spread throughout Scotland. Today it hosts the ecumenical Iona Community.
Ring of Brodgar
Dating from around 2500 BC, this magnificent stone circle occupies a scenic location between two lakes on Orkney. Measuring nearly 104 m in diameter, it is the third-largest stone circle in Britain.
Callanish Stones
This atmospheric site on the Isle of Lewis dates from 2900-2600 BC. It consists of a large stone circle surrounding a burial chamber, with four avenues of stones forming a cross shape.